PM2 Hanging Accent Light


PM2 Series 2 ¼” Slim Profile solid copper hanging down light is ideal to illuminate patios, gazebos, and other areas where overhead lighting is desired. The flexible hanger allows this fixture to be easily installed in trees on branches. Use G4 or G6 base bi-pin lamps for soft lighting or MR16 style lamps for brighter lighting needs.

  • Design: 2 ¼” Slim Profile solid copper hanging light painted with Acrylyd acrylic enamel on the inside to optimize light reflection. Flexible wire whip bends to desired position for hanging on tree branches. Specify clear or prismatic lens when ordering.
  • Recommended Lamp: G-4 or G-6.35 Bi-Pin or MR16 style LED lamp.
Product Sheet: Download Product Sheet
Application: Ideal for lighting a picnic table from a tree, overhead lighting of shrubs or low profile structures. Can also provide “moon lighting” effect in smaller trees.