What’s the Best Way to Light the Exterior of My Home?

Landscape lighting should be subtle. The goal is to draw attention to what is being illuminated as opposed to the light source itself. Photo: Jeff Zaruba   TIP 1: Be street smart As you’ve heard many times before, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” From the street, the way a house looks… Read Full Post »

Ideas to incorporate patio lighting

Lindsey Getz Updated Aug 5, 2022 When it comes to lighting up an outdoor living area, great patio lighting is imperative. It not only makes the space beautiful in the evening hours, but it makes it functional, too. Jesse Wisley, the owner of Mid South Night Lights in Memphis, Tennessee, shares some of his best… Read Full Post »

Pool lighting for functionality and appeal

Lindsey Getz, Total Landscape Care (Picture source – McKay Landscape Lighting) Nothing quite beats jumping in a pool on a hot summer day. It’s fair to say that swimming pools are a quintessential sign of summer—and they seem to be more popular with clients than ever before. While the pool itself obviously gets a lot… Read Full Post »

Outdoor Lighting for Curb Appeal and Safety

Think about it: Most of your guests (and if your home is on the market, many would-be buyers) see your home only in the evening, when its best features may be lost in the shadows. Well-executed outdoor lighting enhances architectural detail and plays up landscape features, casting your home in the best possible light and… Read Full Post »

Installation Tip #4: Shadows for Dramatic Effect

Path & area lighting illuminates walkways, pathways and patio areas and adds beauty to surrounding gardens and other outdoor living spaces. Choose from a variety of styles, lamp options (LED or halogen) and your choice of copper finishes. Mounting options include traditional power stakes (from 12” to 40” height) or power surface mounts (from 4-1/2”… Read Full Post »

Copper and Brass Comparison

One of our dealers recently asked us to help him explain the differences between copper and brass to his clients and why we use copper as the primary material for our fixtures. We want to share this with our readers to expose a few myths and misconceptions about which material is best for outdoor landscape… Read Full Post »

EOS – The Leading Cause of LED Failures

Our friends at Brilliance LED have published a White Paper on Electrical Over Stress (EOS) and its role in LED failures. With permission from Brilliance, we are sharing this important information to help educate and inform installers of the perils of installing or changing LED lamps while the system is powered up. Best practices mandate… Read Full Post »

Landscape Designers Ride Momentum from Early Spring

After several lean years during the recession, followed by the slow revival of the home-building and commercial-construction sectors, landscape designers are finally feeling like their industry is surging, with customers jumping on trends ranging from outdoor kitchens to landscape lighting to sustainable elements. A mild winter meant an early start for these professionals, who are… Read Full Post »

Garden Upgrade – 6 Tips from a Pro

In a recent article in Garden Variety, an online magazine from Moffly Media, professional landscape designer Mark Hicks discusses key improvements that can turn a basic garden into a showplace. A few excerpt are below showing his thoughts on the importance of landscape lighting. A link to the complete article is at the end. 6… Read Full Post »

Shedding Light on Sustainable Desert Gardens | The National

While doing research on sustainability with regards to landscape lighting, I found an interesting article on The National web site. The writer, Jane Aldersley, talks about the environmentally friendly benefits of LED lighting given the extremely low energy consumption of today’s LED technology. This was not surprising since it is well known that LED energy… Read Full Post »