Custom table lamp adds touch of elegance to outdoor living

On occasion, we are asked to create unique and custom fixtures to complete a client’s design. This past week, we completed an installation for a client on his back deck and he wanted a low-voltage lamp for a beautiful mosaic topped table (see picture below).

Custom Table Lamp

Custom Table Lamp

We started with our 11 inch top and designed a lamp that would tie directly in to the rest of the system for power. The heavy 4 pound base with rubber feet keeps the lamp secure and level to minimize the chance of toppling in a storm or if someone were to accidentally bump the lamp.

Additionally, we added a marine-grade plug and stainless steel socket designed for 12 volt applications to allow the homeowner to easily unplug the light for storage in the winter months. The socket also has a handy weather-tight snap cover to keep water out when it is not being used. The plug and socket are shown below.

Over the years, we have made custom designed fixtures for several of our clients and installing dealers and this unique service provides a way to help differentiate from many competitors’ cookie cutter approach to outdoor lighting design.