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Landscape Now: 5 Tips For Landscape Lighting

Homeowners spend a considerable amount of effort, time, and expense creating their landscape gardens, patios, walks, features, and plantings, yet many times there is little thought about landscape lighting to highlight and illuminate their landscape for viewing and use when the sun goes down. With a well-designed lighting plan, your landscape can become enjoyable during… Read Full Post »

Six Things To Consider For A Landscape Lighting Plan

Six Things To Consider For A Landscape Lighting Plan Landscape lighting is as much of an art as it is a science. Before designing a landscape lighting plan, there are six things a landscape architect should consider. Client goals and objectives Ambient light levels What materials and objects going to be illuminated What types of… Read Full Post »

Enjoy the benefits of copper in a contemporary black finish!

On occasion clients tell me, although they love the benefits and characteristics of solid copper, they feel the shiny look of copper does not fit in with their style home or personal decorating tastes. Most often, these clients are looking for a finish that will blend in with a historic or rustic home but many… Read Full Post »